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Low Inertia 48mm Ø High-Speed PVC Skate-Wheel Rollers

Cad drawing design of a flexible conveyor with PVC skate-wheel rollers

15 kgs Per Roller

Free Running for Lightweight loads

Non-marking & Non-corrosive rollers

smallest allowable product 375mm


Skate Wheel flexibles manufactured with quality PVC rollers offer a low point of inertia and quick rotation speed.

They are highly adaptable in applications, involving small to medium weight products, picking, and packing, warehouse, eCommerce, and/or end of line accumulation.

The main advantage of the PVC Skate-wheel, being its competitive edge and cost-effective pricing when compared to alternative expandable units.

The skate-wheel flex conveyor, always comes in on budget, allowing our customers to make a small investment into material handling without breaking the bank. They are the perfect introduction to material handling given the flexibility within their usage. This allows customers to make the most of the conveyor's versatile nature and trail conveyor handling and accumulation within many parts of the business from one unit.

Investing in a piece of equipment with this type of flexibility can be a key determining factor, aiding decision making when considering further advancements in material handling and conveyor systems.


The expanding conveyor range is manufactured using high-grade mild steel latticework. Steel parts are bright zinc plated for a durable and aesthetic finish.

Supporting stands offer a tubular construction, which allows for a large telescopic adjustment while maintaining the stability of the unit large or small.

For expandable conveyors over 400mm, a central lattice will be supplied for additional support below roller spindles. On Units over 700mm, a second lattice row will be available depending upon the application.

Latticeworks are manufactured using a riveted design, this enables a lightweight and highly maneuverable framework. The lattice works are built in sections up to 12 holes, which is the standard sectional length between supporting stands. Reduced lattice lengths and knee bracing are available, increasing the conveyors supporting structure for heavier duty applications.


Expanding gravity roller conveyors come fitted with 48mm Ø PVC Skate-wheel rollers with a width of 16.2mm. Skate-wheel rollers are fitted withing the lattice with a steel spindle, which is male threaded to each end. Skate-wheel roller is separated on the axle utilizing a 10mm PVC tube, which also protects the rollers spindle.

Rollers are fixed into the lattice framework at regular intervals using a domed fixing. This provides a fixed axel eliminating spindle rotation in addition to providing a safe and aesthetic looking finish.

Rollers are simple to maintain by replacing spindles and skate wheels where required quickly and effectively.

PVC skate-wheel rollers offer a non-marking solution for applications where finished products will travel along the roller conveyor.

Supplied in a Light Blue FDA approved plastic, bearings can be supplied in stainless steel in addition to the standard BZP finish.