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Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors UPTO 200kgs Roller Capacity.  50 OR 60mm Ø Steel Conveyor Rollers.

UPTO 2000kgs per meter!

Heavy-duty build quality

Suitable for pallet handling

Lowest profile frame available from the KCT Range!


KCT 7 Pallet Roller Conveyors are heavy-duty in construction, strong and robust to suit the most arduous of material handling applications.

With its fully welded steel frame, choice of roller options, and heavy-duty build quality, the KCT 7 roller conveyor is built for super industrial applications.

Industries such as but not limited to, Pallet Handling, Sheet Timber & Steel, Tube Processing, Engineering, Machine Tool Handling, Concrete, and Stone Processing, shows the adaptability the KCT 7 can offer our customers.


The KCT 7 is a low-profile conveyor design, which is able to fit into tight spaces, above or below obstacles with minimal overhang, this is down to the low profile of the conveyor's frame.

Frames are available in two options, either 50 x 50 RSA or 75 x 50 RSA. Both sections feature a 6mm steel thickness for the most robust of built tracks from the KCT Range.

The KCT 7 roller track, offer our lowest frame profile, from 60mm deep, in addition to the highest weight capacity of up to 2000kgs per linear meter, this makes the KCT 7 Our most heavy-duty gravity roller conveyor in the KCT range.

Options available for increased frame bracing for loads exceeding 2000kgs, whereby roller capacities are increased.

In addition to straight sections, we can also offer heavy duty ball transfer units, 90-degree conveyor bends, and a range of heavy-duty supporting stands.


Conveyor rollers are available in a number of options dependant on the required application.

Standard rollers 50mm Ø & 60mm Ø with a heavier duty 63mm Ø available. Rollers can handle weights of up to 2000kgs per meter with specific roller centers.

We are not limited to the roller choices above - Heavier duty rollers are available with ratings up to 500kgs capacity per roller, which can be set into the same robust conveyor frame.