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Heavy Duty Roller Conveyors 150kgs OR 200kgs Roller Capacity. 60mm OR 63mm Steel Conveyor Rollers.

150 kgs per roller


200 kgs per roller

Heavy-duty build quality

Range of ancillary products

Suitable for large items UP TO 1500 Width


KCT 6 Gravity roller conveyors are the ideal choice for applications where large products with increased weights and dimensions require moving from one location to the next.

The KCT 6 can be supplied in roller widths up to 1500mm thanks to its strengthened frame and robust supporting structure.

Rollers offer a low point of inertia and slow rotation speed. A range of roller capacity ensures we can meet the demands of your product.

KCT 6 Conveyors have a number of ancillary options available including Gates, Curves, Ball Transfers, and a range of supporting structures to suit any application.

Ideal for both medium and heavy-duty conveyor systems, long spans, pallet handling, heavy assembly, and/or end of line accumulation. Where high capacity rollers and conveyors are required. Minimum product size 225mm and above.


KCT 6 Conveyor frames are manufactured from 4mm DD11 mild steel. Sections are CNC cut and folded to produce a robust 116mm x 40mm side section.

Sections are supplied with additional bracing to increase frame strength and rigidity, allowing heavier duty products to travel along the conveyor.

The KCT 6 conveyor frames can be supplied in one of 3 standard colours, RAL5002 Ultramarine Blue, RAL 9010 Pure White, RAL 9005 Jet Black. In addition to the standard colour range, custom powder coated colours are available.


Two roller options are available with the KCT Gravity Roller Conveyor:

Opt 1 - This is a 60mm diameter roller complete with a 2.0 tube wall, with a capacity of 150kgs per roller.

Rollers are manufactured with high quality galvanized steel tubes, where precision bearings are swaged pressed into the tubes for a permanent finish.

Spindle sizes are 15mm and available in drilled and tapped female thread and spring-loaded, for ease of maintenance and cost-effectiveness.

Opt 2 - This is a 63mm diameter roller complete with a 3.0mm tube wall. With a capacity of 200kgs per roller.

Rollers are manufactured with high-quality steel tubes offered in either self-color mild steel or BZP for an additional cost. Precision bearings are swaged pressed into the tubes for a permanent finish.

Spindle sizes are 20mm and available drilled and tapper or cross-drilled and pinned for secure fitment.