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Light Duty Roller Conveyors 10kgs Roller Capacity. 30mm Ø PVC Conveyor Rollers.

Gravity Roller Conveyors - KCT 2 PVC Rollers Drawing

10 kgs Per Roller

Free Running for Lightweight loads

Non-marking & Non-corrosive rollers

smallest allowable product 96mm


KCT 2 conveyor rollers offer a low point of inertia and quick rotation speed. The light to medium duty conveyor rollers, together with the close roller centers provided, subsequently means KCT 2 PVC conveyor rollers are the perfect light - medium-duty material handling conveyor.

Ideal for small to medium conveyor systems, long spans and/or end of line accumulation. Where light - medium-weight rollers and conveyors are required. Minimum product size 96mm and above.


The KCT 2 gravity roller conveyors are manufactured using mild steel conveyor frames. In addition to the PVC conveyor rollers offered within the KCT 2 range, a heavier duty version is available with steel galvanized conveyor rollers.

Although a lightweight PVC roller, the KCT 2 gravity roller conveyor still meets the high standards of all KBR Machinery's manufactured gravity roller conveyors.  The KCT 2 PVC roller conveyor thereby remains a robust, solid and reliable warehouse conveyor.


Gravity roller conveyors also incorporate spring-loaded conveyor rollers, thus speeding up conveyor maintenance and cleaning of equipment. PVC Rollers offer a non-marking solution for applications where finished products will travel along the roller conveyor.

Light Blue FDA approved PVC conveyor rollers in addition to plastic conveyor bearings including stainless steel ball bearings. As a result of the conveyor roller bearing inserts and PVC conveyor rollers, in particular, provide excellent protection against the ingress of water and chemical resistance.