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Incline Straight Belt Conveyor


Inclined Straight Elevators and Belt Conveyor Systems




284 - 1834 WIDE

Conveyor Overview

Type 4 Incline straight elevators are ideal for scenarios requiring both incline & decline of products, on a single straight from A-B.

From simple applications such as replenishing a mezzanine floor with stock for a clothing warehouse - to indexing and filling bulk bags with powders for pharmaceutical companies, the incline straight is the reliable work-horse of the inclines, built to be as diverse as it is durable.

Build Quality at a Glance

Conveyors are manufactured using 101, 135, 162 & 192mm frame profiles, with light or heavy-duty build quality for any application.

Our Conveyors use quality British manufacturing techniques together, with fully folded, durable steel profile side sections, with packed in features like our twin belt tracking guidance system across the range.

The KCB belt conveyors can be supplied in 3 standard colors, RAL5002 Ultramarine BlueRAL 9010 Pure WhiteRAL 9005 Jet Black. Custom powder coated colors are available.

Industries & Applications

Typical industries include, but not limited to, Warehouse (in particular mezzanine applications), Plastics Manufacturing, Extrusion, and Bulk Handling Conveyors, with applications such as, Hopper Loading, Bag Filling Lines, Scrap, or Waste Bins, Baskets & Cages, bulk bagging.

These heavy-duty Incline elevators offer a superb handling capacity, up to 500kgs with specific drives. Furthermore, our versatile design approach offers many customizable features including, side guards, hopper systems, customized belting, sidewalls, spill edges, backplates, tapered in-feed guards, adjustable side rails in addition to a full range of cleats and flights.

We can also incorporate additional belt conveyors to create in-feed and out-feed sections for mezzanine, box, and tote handling applications.

Tailor-made custom electrical control options are available in addition to the range of our standard control.


Straight incline conveyors are versatile in application, in addition to being a durable and reliable addition to any working environment.

They are fully customizable with the ability to be modified, suiting most customer requirements.

Type 4 Incline conveyors can be manufactured with a range of additional feed conveyors and ancillaries, including guards, hoppers, undertray, rolling chassis frame, etc to suit a number of applications.

Furthermore, they offer in some instances a reduced plan length in comparison to our alternative incline types while remaining a fully customizable, solid, robust, and ultra-reliable belt conveyor system.


Our conveyors are supplied as standard with a 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty.

Conveyors can be supplied pre-built up to 3m (Plan Length) / 2.5m (Out-Feed Height) or supplied in a kit form with a pre-vulcanized belt and comprehensive instructions provided.

Where conveyors are provided horizontal for inclined supports to be fixed on-site, we are able to offer these conveyors in up to 5m assemblies.

Some require minimal assembly, and some a little more than the simple assembly. If you don’t think you could manage, or simply want the assurance of a professional installation and demonstration, we can offer an installation service for an extra cost.

To find out how much assembly is required on your conveyor, please contact us.