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KCB 114 Conveyor Belts and Conveyor Belt Systems

KCB 114 Horizontal Conveyor Belts

114mm Ø Drive & Tail Rollers - Side Mounted Motor Gear Box 

Conveyor Specification

  • Conveyor Lengths

    1000mm - 20,000mm (with selected drives)

    Minimum Conveyor Length = 800mm

    Maximum Conveyor Length = 20m



  • Belt Width

    234mm - 1234mm

    Minimum Conveyor Width = 154mm

    Maximum Conveyor Width = 1434mm


  • Inside Frame Width

    Belt width + 6mm

  • Total Width

    Belt width + 80mm

  • Frame Depth


  • Side Frames

    CR4 Cold rolled mild steel 2.5mm

  • Bed Type

    Steel slider pan CNC folded on 4 sides and seam welded for additional strength. For shock loading and wider units, bed sections are reinforced for additional strength.

  • Conveyor Beds

    Semi suspended, complete with stainless steel spacing collars. This allows for our twin track guidance system.

  • Frame Ties

    20 x 20 x 2.0mm Mild steel, complete with 5mm welded brace plates - Modular bolted fitment.

  • Standard Belting Option

    Twin 10 x 6 tracking guides fitted to belt underside virtually eliminating belt tracking issues and downtime.

  • Belt Types

    Flat belt conveyors are as standard specified with 2 PLY black or green PVC conveyor belting. Other belts include; Grip Top, Longitudinal Grip, Deep-ridge Grip, White or Blue PU in both single and 2 PLY options, White or Blue PVC, Ridgid 3.6mm + 5mm rigid oil resistant PVC, 4 or 6mm Novafelt.

  • Under Rollers

    P2 Galvanised 50 x 1.5mm ERW or 50 x 25mm 98 shore precision guide rollers depending on belt option.

  • Drive Motor

    Side-mounted motor and gearbox c/w torque arm and shaft cover.

    Drive Options = Side Mounted Motor OR Central Drive

    Drive power from 0.035kw - 1.5kw / Loads up to 80KGS Per meter

    Minimum Running Speed = 3 Meters Per Minute

    Maximum Running Speed = 88.8 Meters Per Minute

  • Drive and Tail Rollers

    114mm diameter x 6mm wall seamless tubes, solid welded 40mm shafts machined to 25mm bore.

  • Bearings

    Fixed precision 3 hole flange bearings, high-quality thermoplastic housings c/w removable shaft cover caps.

  • Belt Tension

    Belt conveyor tensioning 4 sides M10 X 120mm threads allowing up to 240mm total belt tension. Centrally underslung drive units, and end-mounted drive units available.

  • Conveyor End Plates

    Fully welded 8mm tension plates c/w 5mm tension tabs, with 4 hold adjustable slotted fitment.

  • Weight Capacity

    Conveyor loading up to 50kgs per meter with selected drives and lengths.

  • Conveyor Speeds

    Standard speeds from 3mpm up to 60mpm