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Light Duty - Heavy Duty Ball Table Conveyors - Custom Built for YOU.

Move products 360° in multiple directions

Safe and easy positioning of products

Custom built to suit your exact sizes

Simple and efficient movement of heavy loads


KCT Ball Transfer Units provide a perfect material handling solution where loads need to be moved in multiple directions either end of line or in-part of a system in a smooth, accurate motion with minimum operator assistance without the requirement for a powered conveyor.

Ball transfer tables can reduce the need for unnecessary lifting and positioning of products, which can result in operator stain or injury. They form a key end-of-line solution on process improvement and the overall health and safety of staff, by in some cases, eliminating the need for heavy lifting.

With many variations available, at KBR Conveyor Sections, we can provide a range of suitable transfer table options to suit your requirements.

Heavy-duty or light-weights ball transfer units are available with various fitting styles and ball positions, from fixed units, drop-in and retained ball units, elevated ball units.

Our ability to manufacture a range of custom ball transfer tables enables our product to be used in a wide range of industries including and applications related to general material handling systems including order picking, assembly lines, feeding machines, steel tube & steel sheet handling, press tooling and glass handling to name a few.

By custom manufacturing unique ball table designs, we are unrestricted in our design approach, putting your companies needs and requirements first.


We offer four standard frame styles, in which to set our ball transfer tables into a supporting frame. Section sizes can be adapted to fit within current system designs, in many circumstances, we are able to match sections to suit existing equipment at the upmost economical expense.

Our approach to the table design is to create a strong, durable and robust table, built to last with the assurance that our equipment is a UK manufactured product, built in our own production facility, where we can monitor quality for the beginning.

Ball transfer inserts can be supplied as table insert only, guided stops and ball channels, to be added to pre-existing conveyors for improved material handling.

Ball Units

Ball Transfer Units are a multidirectional, material handling system manufactured from high-quality materials including stainless steel, mild steel supplied bright zinc plated, or a mixture of each material with a nylon ball unit.

They consist of a large load-bearing ball which sits upon many small balls encapsulated in a hemispherical cup. The housing can contain a seal to clean the load ball as it rotates. The design greatly reduces friction and allows heavy loads to be moved with a minimum of effort.