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Efficient 24v DC Motorized ZPL 24v DC ROLLER Conveyor Systems

Modular Design


Easy Set-up

Zero Line Pressure

Conveyor Overview

ZPL (Zero Line Pressure) conveyors are smart efficient powered roller conveyors designed to create a controlled flow of products while maintaining order between products in the most efficient way possible.

This type of handling system is versatile and modular in design. The ideal product for carton or tote handling systems where the accumulation of products are required.

What are some of the advantages?

A proven product, highly configurable, easy to control with reduced installation, and low running costs.

Low power consumption. Run zones on demand to conserve energy. Low operational noise.

Run multiple zones with downstream connectivity.

Designated programs and drive speed options.

Build Quality at a Glance

Conveyors are manufactured using 150mm frame profiles.

Our conveyors use quality British manufacturing techniques together, with fully folded, durable full steel profile side sections and cable containment for a clean, aesthetic finish.

The KCP roller conveyors can be supplied in 3 standard colors, RAL5002 Ultramarine BlueRAL 9010 Pure WhiteRAL 9005 Jet Black. Custom powder coated colors are available.

Industries & Applications

Typical industries include, but not limited to, Warehouse, Ecommerce, line picking & tote handling of products.

These robust modules can handle up to 40kgs per meter with running speeds up to 75 meters per minute from a choice of specific drives.

Furthermore, our versatile design approach offers many customizable features including, side guards, curves, merges, gates, straights, and pneumatic transfers enabling endlessly configurable layouts in addition to being able to integrate our range of belt conveyors and gravity roller conveyor systems.

Tailor-made custom electrical control options are recommended in addition to the range of our standard control card options.

How do they work?

Each modular section plays an important and integral part of a larger controlled system.

Powered roller conveyors are made up of individual, versatile modular zones in straights, curves, transfers, and merge sections.

Individual modules are made up of single or multiple zones dependant on product sizes. Once parts are located by a zone the line will either drive the product downstream or switch off the zone.

Zones are designed to handle single units of products, for example, totes, packages, and boxes. The zone will be automatically switched off when filled.

The result of this design is to allow for zero contact between each unit or product on the line.


Zero Line Pressure 24v driven roller conveyors enable high-speed automation, while maintaining product control, low noise output, and low running costs.

Zone controlled modules eliminate the potential for damaging products by minimizing contact between accumulating products.

This simple conveyor design offers ease of maintenance and the ability to future proof the conveyor by integrating and adapting layouts, suiting the everchanging needs of today's business.


Our conveyors are supplied as standard with a 12 Month Manufacturers Warranty.

Conveyors are supplied fully assembled in single modules.

Some require minimal assembly, and some a little more than the simple assembly. If you don’t think you could manage, or simply want the assurance of a professional installation and demonstration, we can offer an installation service for an extra cost.

To find out how much assembly is required on your conveyor, please contact us.